Samsung is probably better known for the television sets, but they are a huge company with a vast array of products, including a significant foray into home security. Their EZON series of locks, door handles and deadbolts has really made an impression on me. Not only is it sleek, sophisticated and secure, it's also really cool and user friendly.

This particular model is a deadbolt with a digital keypad attached to it, but it's also programmed to accept input from RFID tags, so you can use an appropriate FOB or card to gain access if you don't feel like punching in numbers.

Technically speaking, this is a sophisticated device. The screen is backlit, and when it's not in use the screen goes black so the keys aren't always visible (also saving you battery life). Yes, they are battery operated, but they last a long time.

There are some security advances here that set the EZON system apart from many competitors. For example, there is a built-in system that will unlock the door in the event of a fire, and there Auto Locksmith Portland is an emergency unlock procedure. The system is resistant to unauthorized entry: it will lock the user out for Auto Locksmith Portland 3 minutes if they attempt a code 5 times without success.

One of my favorite features on this powerful little keypad door lock is the code anonymity feature: it requires you to enter two random numbers before you enter your code. That prevents someone from finding fingerprints on the pad to break in.

It comes with four RFID cards standard, and you can order more. It's a bit complicated to install, so I'd suggest hiring a contractor to do it for you. It's also a self-contained unit, so don't expect it to wire up to an existing security system.