The Hurricane Spin Mop review is getting tons of satisfied customer feedback. This environmentally friendly mop lives up to the hype. It leaves no streaks and dries very fast so it is safe to use on ceramic tile and hardwood floors.

Not all spin mops are created equal. Some are excellent for gathering and pushing most dirt and debris around, similar to a broom, while others are able to attract dust like a magnet and hold on to it. Want more on best spin mop reviews, follow the floor mops as seen on tv link in this article to take your pick.

In any case, an amazing attraction to dust is an excellent quality in a floor mops as seen on tv. Now, if you're looking for something that fits in with your collection of green cleaning tools, then aim for best spin mop. Some are even able to be used two ways (reversed), which spells quicker and better results with less need to clean in between

Of course, it's hot temperature isn't the only thing that the Hurricane spin Mop has going for it. It also has a lot of neat features, some that no other mop with steam offers. It allows you to control the amount of steam you want to use. This makes it easy to adjust it to the type of flooring you are cleaning or the amount of dirt/messy grime you are tackling.

This innovative designed mop also has steam jets not only on the bottom but also on the front. Invariably you can steam clean baseboards and corners as well while you are mopping your floors.