By offering multiple photo booth designs, UK hire photo booth in Manchester PhotographyBooths has gained popularity in the Manchester region. Apart from the photo booths, the company also provides a range of props and backdrops in Manchester.

Here are some features of the PhotographyBooths, which make it worth selecting for all the events and parties.

Multiple Designs of Photo Booths

The customers are able to select the finest design of photo booth on the basis of their celebration theme. The inflated photo booth is one of the most popular designs among the customers in Manchester. This bubble photo booth rental possesses a neon light, which inserts an additional effect to the photographs.

Another popular design, from the PhotographyBooths UK can accommodate 10 people for one shot. This design is also renowned in Manchester as lighting up this photo booth is simple, which raises the quality of the photographs.

Those customers who want a touch of elegance in their photographs opt for vintage design of photo booth. This booth features antique equipments, along with a garden setting.

Last but not the least, the Walk In booth is an enclosed arrangement with simple design for photography sessions.

Backdrops And Props

To embellish the photographs with fun factor, PhotographyBooths offers photo backdrops and props in Manchester region. The popular backdrop designs available from the company include Golden Sequin, Black Rose Pedal, Blue themed backdrop and Silver Sequin. The firm also provides creative and funny phrases, along with thought bubbles and disguises as a part of the props. These props, which come along every photo booth, are aimed to add more pleasure in the celebrations.

Multiple Facilities At The Booth

The company provides an onsite technician with every booth so that the customers do not face technical hassles. There are also several equipments like DSLR camera and touch screen monitor to enhance the overall experience. These booths allow the customers to take unlimited digital photos during their session.

Additional Photography Solutions

Apart from the photo booths, the company offers additional services like photographer on hire at 250 dollars for four hours. The individuals can also order customized backdrops, which are available at the starting price of 125 dollars.

Affordability Factor

Apart from being creative, the photo booth comes with an affordability factor. This makes sure that the budget of the celebrations remains in control, even with the inclusion of finest quality photo booths. In fact, the rent of the photo booth begins with 400 dollars for three hours.

All these factors have helped in raising the popularity of PhotographyBooths UK to a substantial level. For photo booth rental-related bookings, you can visit the Manchester PhotographyBooths United Kingdom.