Since the underfloor heating systems have also appeared, the idea that underfloor heating works best and is most effective with cold finishes such as sandstone, marble, slate etc.

This pre-conceived idea is further conveyed, based on the fact that the tile has a very low isolation coefficient compared to the parquet. Thus, the floor-mounted floor heating has a higher thermal resistance and significantly reduces the efficiency of underfloor heating.

So what kind of finish do we choose for floor heating, parquet or sandstone?

The thermal resistance of a material is given by the thickness of the material and the coefficient of thermal insulation of each material. Here we are talking about thicknesses of 10 - 14 mm, so the thermal resistance of the two materials in reality is very close, because their thickness is very small.

I do not want to go into deeper details about how effective our system would bring to our system using a floor tile finish for a floor heating system over a parquet finish.

Gender statements: It is more effective with 10-15% are not founded, because it is very complicated to actually make this calculation, almost impossible.

There are specialized software that can accurately calculate the difference, but for this you need to know from the design phase what kind of parquet or sandstone to buy, you need to know exactly the thickness and composition of the screed, the type of adhesive and foil used, pipe laying, house insulation, etc.

One centimeter of additional screed over floor heating modifies all calculations.

Basically, my recommendation is to choose the finish according to your preference. In any variant of parquet flooring such as laminate flooring, laminate or massive parquet, you need to take care of the humidity of the screed, you can see more details on What are the most common floor heating problems?

In fact, small temperature differences can be observed at the surface of the finish. between parquet and sandstone 0.5 - 1 degree. This means that the incalzire in pardoseala gresie sau parchet thermal resistances are very close and we should not have problems in choosing the finish.

However, if I have not yet convinced you, you can always choose a parquet flooring tile for underfloor heating